The first users of email marketing didn’t have doubts or concerns as the internet was beginning to transition from being primarily an information-based medium into a commercial medium.

In the early days the email marketing industry was modern and fresh that the authors of the email marketing didn’t need to worry about issues such like filters for spam, de-sensitized users and CAN-SPAM compliance. They could also find appealing headlines that stand out among the countless emails that were sent and received every single day

These days, these items (and numerous others) quickly and consistently block potential email marketers. No matter if you’re trying to advertise your offline company or an online-based company or one of the many thousands of people trying to get into Affiliate marketing, here are easy steps you can follow to enhance your email marketing techniques that can help you be more efficient with your email marketing strategies.

Of course, a more efficient will also result in greater profit for you!

Here are the essential “dos as well as don’ts” in the field of effective email marketing:


o Know and follow the CAN-SPAM rules

Making sure you’re meeting these requirements won’t just assist you in ensuring greater quality of email delivery and greater levels in customer retention and satisfaction, but it can keep you from going to jail.

Just ask your email subscribers to “double-opt-in” to your mailing list through a reliable service. Include an unsubscribe link as well as your physical mailing address in the footer of each mail you forward.

Although this could reduce to a certain extent the amount of emails you receive but it can greatly improve the overall quality keeps your company in compliance with the law.

You should treat your list members with respect

It is crucial to treat those on your mailing list with the respect they are entitled to. They are at the end of the day your customers. Treat them as you’d like to be treated, and you’ll have a happy and loyal client base.

If you request for their email address in exchange for something that you’ll offer for them, make sure that you fulfill what you said you would. In fact, you should try to exceed your expectations to earn even more satisfaction.

If you’re promoting associate products on your customers ensure that the products you recommend are trustworthy and reliable. There’s nothing that can ruin your reputation more quickly than recommending a faulty product and/or service on your customers. With your reputation, you’ll lose future earnings also!

Send the appropriate amount of emails to the list

It’s possible to send emails daily. This may be acceptable for certain individuals, however it is not recommended for all times but generally it is not advisable to add numerous emails to your contacts. Based on the type of company you’re working in it is generally recommended to limit your communications to a minimum of once per week, at times, even once a month!

There are of course exceptions to the rule of thumb and in certain situations you may need to communicate with your contacts more often than once a week. For example, if you are promoting a class that occurs on the Thursday of the week, you may send reminder emails on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in order to make sure that people are there for your tele-class.


o Unsolicited SPAM email

This might seem evident, but all often I hear of new email marketers that purchase rent, buy or “obtain” the names of people who they believe to be potential customers. They send the list to their email address and immediately receive SPAM complaints in their inboxes. How many complainants hit”mark as SPAM” or click the “mark in SPAM” button on their email program, which will immediately notify their internet service provider of the intruder.

If there’s one method to make a brief-lived career in email marketing This is it!

Send pitch that is pure and has no substance

People are clever and can discern an “pitch” from miles away. If there’s no real substance in your emails why should anyone be able to continue reading them after they’ve concluded that you’re no longer interested?

If you provide value, you will be able to create a regular reply to your emails so that your subscribers eagerly go through any email from you, confident that they will receive something that is valuable to them even if they decide not to purchase anything.

(It is crucial to keep in mind that it’s acceptable to “sell” via email, but make sure you’re offering something of value in the process.)

Do not remove people from your list

Nobody likes when someone unsubscribes from your email newsletter. It may feel personal, even though it’s not. There’s not a reason to disregard any wishes or desires of the (former) customer.

It is recommended to choose an established email service that lets users instantly unsubscribe from their list without needing to perform any action. These programs also protect you from accidentally sending emails to people who specifically requested not to.